The GoGo Team

New Orlean's photo booth rental-liz


All about the fun!  Liz has the creativity and loves a party! Planning is her thing and if she doesn’t know you yet, she will in 5 minutes! She loves Facebook and Hashtagging! If she isn’t doing a wedding, you will certainly find her going to the GoGo……Booth that is!

New Orleans Photo Booth Owner Jason


A photography master and IT extraordinaire! Jason has been fooling with cameras since high school and perfected his skills during and after college when he developed actual FILM! Jason loves working the GoGo Booth and definitely has the moves!

new orleans photo booth


One of our prized GoGo Guns! Chandler is a Holy Cross Man who knows how to have a good time and makes sure that everyone around him does too! He will keep it organized but don’t worry, the GoGo Booth is the happening place when he is around!  



A theatre/pre-med major at Loyola in New Orleans, Ryan is one of our talented GoGo Guns! He is a videographer with awesome hair! He has a black belt in Taekwondo so he can control the crowds! His love for cookies and chocolate keep him hyped up for all of our events!

Katelyn GoGo Booth Rental New Orleans


Our precious GoGo Girl! Katelyn has been with us the longest and we love her!  She is talented and fun! And oh so smart. She is attending college in New Orleans for engineering but she knows that it is not all work and no play! She can cut the rug with the best of them and ensures that all your guests are experiencing the best time every!