Unique Wedding in New Orleans

Many brides want to use a streetcar for their New Orleans wedding.  Furthermore, many brides when planning for their wedding  in NOLA want to show off the uniqueness of the city.   One of the most iconic images of New Orleans is the streetcar.  No, it is not called the “trolley.”  The Streetcar is unique in that it travels on rail and  the St. Charles Avenue line is the oldest continuously operating street railway system in the world.  It began in the early 1800’s when the cars were pulled by horses or mules.

Today, the streetcar lines in New Orleans run on St. Charles, Canal, Carrollton and are under construction for Rampart.  The streetcar is a great mode for transportation in the city and it can be a really unique experience for you and the guests of your wedding. One of the planners that we recommend, Unique Weddings In New Orleans designed the wedding in the video at the Elms Mansion.

Getting Married on a Streetcar

Yes, you can actually be married on a streetcar.  However, many brides opt to use the streetcar for transportation from the ceremony venue to the reception.  Or from the hotel to the church.  Wherever you are going, you can charter a streetcar on the RTA website.  The cost is about $750 to start.  See website New Orleans RTA

Streetcar Stumbling Blocks

Is there a downside to using a streetcar for your transportation?  First of all, streetcars are not heated or cooled.  So keep that in mind if you are having your wedding during one of the hottest or coldest months of the year.  Especially relevant is timing of arrival. Due to being on a very strict time constraint, you should think hard about this option.  I have had brides waiting for a long time for their streetcar to show up.  And on the flip side, I have seen weddings go longer than expected and the streetcar is waiting while holding up the other ones on the line.  Honestly, I don’t know how long they are permitted to stop streetcar traffic but you would have to ask the RTA directly about that.

Streetcar Alternative

How else can you have the New Orleans streetcar wedding experience?  The alternative to renting an actual streetcar is a streetcar on wheels.  There are a couple of companies that offer them in town. They are climate controlled and they are driven on the street so you have the rental at your leisure.  The wedding motorcade can also follow if you are using it to go to the reception.  One of my favorite companies is Bonomolo This is the link to their fleet and you will see the cute red “trolley” car they have.

Consequently, when you are planning your New Orleans wedding, and you want that “New Orleans experience”, think of these options and don’t forget to think about GoGo Booth!  Most of all, we want to make the New Orleans experience extra special so you and your guests have memories to last a lifetime.  Call us today to book.  504.224.9801

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