What is more New Orleans than a Haydel’s wedding cake and Fleurty Girl?

You got it, a wedding between a Haydel and the Fleurty Girl!  What an amazing night! Not a detail was left out thanks to Absolutely NOLA who handled every second of the night flawlessly!  Because, she knows them so well, Angie knew exactly what Lauren and Ryan wanted to make their day perfect.  It took place in a new venue called Felicity Church which is in the lower Garden District of New Orleans and serves as a chapel and reception hall.  It was catered by Rommel’s Catering serving the traditional NOLA foods like oyster po-boys, shrimp remoulade, boudin balls and the traditional prime rib!

The Ceremony

First of all, it began with music selected by the bride and groom for the procession and as each person entered the room. Seems like the room lit up with smiles, cheers and claps as everyone knew that soon they would see the blushing bride.  Even the pet dog processed with one of their five precious children.  Next came the vows which they wrote themselves and, as you would expect from a New Orleans couple, they had a lot to say!  Lauren and Ryan made references to their families and businesses as they pledged their love to each other.  As a result the guests kept laughing and wiping a tear at times.

Reception Fun

Before you know it, Lauren and Ryan were pronounced husband and wife.  Then the couple and their guests started to wave their customized second line handkerchiefs to the sounds of the students from the Roots of Music.  As the band played,  the crowds marched down stairs to the street and back in the lower level of Felicity Church.  Everyone loves to Second Line!  Soon after we heard cheers of congratulations and honks from the cars passing.  It was so much fun.  Then, the guests were fired up and ready to party.  Seems like this was where they got to cut it up.  It was time to party in the New Orleans Photo Booth – GoGo Booth and show their love for the new couple!

Soon after, people were dancing to the music and the special friends were making toasts.  Probably my favorite line was from her friend, Cherie Franz, who said “So here I was at a crossroads: Become best friends with Fleurty Girl or best friends with Chris Owens. I think I made the right choice. And it turns out it would be one of the biggest blessings in my life.” That was a great story!

Special Guest

Most noteworthy,  the locally grown DJ Jubillee made an appearance!  The guests went crazy dancing to his music and the fun continued!  The guests gobbled up the 6 tiered wedding cake and 2 groom’s cakes.  Of course Haydel’s Bakery created those amazing cakes.  I can’t decide which one I liked more, the armadillo cake or the My Girl cake designed by the groom.

Haydel's Bakery Armadillo cake

Haydel’s Bakery Armadillo cake

Haydel's Bakery groom's cake

Haydel’s Bakery groom’s cake

Alex Harvie was there doing his thing with TJ Black assisting and they rocked it!


Last but not least, we cannot forget Red Leaf Weddings and Ashley Marks were in the house capturing every second of this truly New Orleans Wedding.  We had such a good time with everyone at this truly New Orleans wedding.  I mean really, what is more New Orleans than all of this?

Finally, as we left, we could grab a monogrammed bag and stash away all of the goodies that Lauren and Ryan had for us.  Haydel’s turtles and petifours, chocolate covered pretzels, customized MnMs and my favorite the lemon flavored Haydel’s hand pies!!!  we cannot thank Lauren and Ryan enough for welcoming us into their special day!  Check out the You Tube Video with some of the pictures!  And check us out for your New Orleans Wedding!  Contact us today!


New Orleans Wedding DJ Jubilee


Brandi from Bakers Dozen with Liz from GoGo Booth