Having a background in the non-profit world I know how it feels to go out and ask for donations. I worked for the American Red Cross and the YWCA. It used to be that people would run when they saw me.  LOL  just kidding, it was not that bad.  But you get the point.  Non Profits are driven from donations, from support of their constituents and the community.  So, it makes sense that they are trying to save money every way they can.  We often get asked for non-profit photo booth rentals.  And we want to help you make the most out of your non-profit event with a photo booth.

But how can GoGo Booth help them to raise more money?  And how can others, including us help you?  Here are a few ways:

  1.  Get a photo booth sponsor.  This sponsor will pay for the photo booth but their logo will be incorporated in the template.  The sponsor’s hashtag will be included in the social media sharing and they will be tagged as well.


GoGo-Booth_160115_185236_1-X2 GoGo-Booth_150306_230849

2.  Make it fun for your guests. When you have an event, you want your guests to have fun and tell their friends through social media or email or texting. Like the Preservation Resource Center Their friends are going to want to attend next year and will ask what the event was for which will lead to further discussion about your cause.  Or the

3.  Give something back.  Thanking your donors is always appreciated.  Give them something to take with them.  Let them have the opportunity to share their photos and to go to the gallery later to download if they want to.

4.  Use images to promote your organization throughout the year.  Having access to all the fun photos with your logo and your sponsors, you have great content to share with your donors and public whenever you want.

5.  GoGo Booth Cares.  We want to help our community.  And we can help you to be creative in using the photo booth to the fullest in order to create more dollars in the future not just for one night.

GoGo Booth 150306 IMG_0248

Contact us today for non-profit photo booth rental.  Let us help you make your event one that everyone will remember!  Click Here to get started