Why should you have a photo booth at your wedding?  It is an added cost.  It is something else to organize.  We already  have a professional photographer.  Well, here are the Top 7 answers from GoGo Booth as to why you should have a photo booth at your wedding!

  1. Entertainment:  Not everyone wants to dance so why not give them an alternative to do something a little different and perhaps quirky!  Most guests get in the booth not knowing what to expect.  But they exit laughing and smiling and most of the time are back for more throughout the night! A photo booth at your wedding gives your guests a way to let their inhibitions go.                                                                                           GoGo-Booth-IMG_0339
  2. For the very young in age to the very young at heart:  The photo booth is fun for everyone.  We have had children of all ages up to people in their 90’s!  It is a timeless activity that everyone enjoys.    Children with their grandparents  in the photo booth at your wedding really shows that this is fun for all ages!                                                                           IMG_0059 IMG_0104
  3. Nostalgia: The older crowd remembers what it was like way back when they had to wait minutes for their strips to come out of the booths when they were young.  Remember when you would cram as many of your friends into the booth!  The “must” kiss pose?  It brings back all those feelings of being young again!
  4. Memories of your Day:  Yes, you have a professional photographer to capture your day.  But how many guests actually go back and purchase pictures from your wedding?  What better way to have your friends and family remember your day than with a fun strip or 4×6 framed in a template reflecting your wedding date and theme!  They are going to look back at those GoGo Booth photos and say “that was really fun!”  They will hang them at their office or on the fridge and remember you forever!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             GoGo-Booth-IMG_0128
  5. Wedding Favors:  Sometimes it is hard to think of favors that your guests will appreciate and use.  How many koozies does one want to have with friends’ wedding day on them, right?  GoGo Booth offers the photo strip and an acrylic frame which is the most unique favor from your wedding.  Some brides even use the acrylic frame to put place cards in and when the guest takes their photos, they can replace it with the strip!                                                                                                                                                   photobooth props
  6. Make a guest book for yourself:  GoGo Booth will assist guests in assembling and embellishing your photo album so that they can leave special messages for you and it makes an amazing keepsake from your wedding.photobooth props
  7. Memories for Life:  That speaks for itself.  It is a given these days that there will be a photo booth at your wedding.  It just is!  So, make it happen!

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