Here is the guide to having Pokemon GoGo at your wedding and attracting guests to attend!

Steps For Adding Pokemon GoGo To Your Wedding

  1. Pokemon Gym.
    1. Make sure that your venue is a Pokemon Gym

      Image result for Pokemon go

      Pokemon GoGo At Your Wedding

  2. Create a Poke Spot at your guest book!
    1. Surely you want everyone to sign it so if they are all playing Pokemon GoGo  They will want to head over to the book.
    2. You are more than likely going to get them to sign in this way.
  3. Ask your guests to post the Pokemon creatures to your Facebook page!
    1. They love posting where they see these guys. Why not let them show off at your wedding dancing with the other guests?
  4. Instinct, Mystic, Valor
    1. Seat all of your guests according to their Pokemon Team.
    2. Guests will appreciate sitting with their team members
  5. Pokemon GoGo Colors
    1. Have your wedding cake in the multi colors of Pokemon
  6. Photo Booth GIFS with Pokemons
    1. Have GoGo Booth create GIFs with the Pokemon Creatures
  7. Pokemon Registration
    1. Instead of registering for gifts at Adler’s or Dillard’s, ask for your guests to buy balls, lure modules, incense and upgrades for you!

Who is in?  LOL! Okay, this is not real but GoGo Booth had to join in the fun!!!!!  In all seriousness, being creative is sometimes hard when planning your wedding day not to mention, time consuming.  So, reach out to a wedding planner that can help you with ideas to put a little zing into your special day.  Our good friends at Absolutely NOLA know so much about this city and ways to put a twist on the wedding planning.

Not only that but also, GoGo Booth knows weddings.  We are there to add a little fun so your guests can let loose and be silly.  We offer prints or GIFs, enclosed or open style booths and the GoGo ME (Mirror Experience).  We can create a template that is just for you and we can do green screen if you want to have a background that is out of this world.  Just give us a holler and we will let you know just how we can give you the best photo experience ever!  504.224.9801